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Thursday, 7 November 2013

How to Subscribe to Airtel Unlimited BBM Subscribtion for Android phones


BBM subscription for android phones now availaible an airtel.
popular network provider in nigeria Airtel has roll out a new and exciting feature that will interested most of the Android users using the new BBM for android in nigeria.
It's the airtel unlimited BBM Subscription Bundle for Android smartphones, with just N300 you can now chat with your friends, pals exclusively for 30 days i.e that means you can get unlimited access to BBM on your android smartphone for Just 300 Naira for 30Days (1month).

How To Subscribe For The Airtel Unlimited BBM Subscription for Android Phones

If you are using a Android device in nigeria and want to subscribe for the airtel unlimited blackberry messenger subscription for android phones , first and foremost, go get an airtel sim card, if you have not gotten one.
Now download the BBM android app here, note it only runs with android phones with version 4.0 and upper.
Make sure you have a minimum of N300 on your sim. Now dial *440*22# the N300 with be deducted and a message will be sent to you that you have subscribe for the airtel BBM android bundle.

Chat with Your pips for the next 30 days ___ enjoy!

Saturday, 26 October 2013

How to Know the Correct Postal Code of Your Area in Nigeria

nigeria postal codes

Are you filling a form online and you got stuck, when you are ask to provide the postal code or zip code of your country, ease your self today's tutorial will help you on how to get that.
According to my recent finding, here in Nigeria many of us do mistakely use the nigerian international calling code " +234 " when we are ask to provide the postal or zip code. You don't have to use the calling code in place of the postal code, it's wrong, the postal or zip code is totally different from the calling code, calling or dailing code as the name implies normally it's a three digit code usually used for long distance calling, while a postal or zip code helps people to easily locate you.
Anytime you find yourself filling a form, maybe purchasing goods and services on the internet, it is very important to give the correct postal or zip code of your area, failure to do that can lead to the delay of the goods or services you bought.

On another note, people do normally use this " 00176-0000 " as our postal code, it's wrong, here in nigeria, the postal varies depending on your area, and locality, so their is nothing like a general postal code for all the areas in nigeria.
So how can i know the correct postal code of my area? It very simple just visit Nigeria Postal Service
Scroll down under a sub heading " Online Tools " click on`Postcode finder ` it will take you to another page where it will help you get your post code.
Around the Menu area, you will see Urban Postcode Search and Rural Postcode Search click on the one that tally with your area, depending on whether you are living in the Urban or Rural area.
After that you will be ask to choose your state (the one you are living in) Town, Area and Street name after providing all this infomation click on the " Get Postcode " button it will show you the postal code and all the Street using it.


Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Customize Your Android Smartphones With the Best User Voted Android Launcher

best android launchers

One of the exicting and added advantage the android smartphones have over iOS is the ability to customize your android phone, without even rooting it.
Let's pause today's discussion for a moment and make a point about rooting your Android device.

Rooting your android phone will sounds great to you isn't it? Yeah it's is, as you will be able to gain full control and access over some hidden features on your device, but if you truly know what you are doning, and you are also interested in the security of your phone, then you should avoid rooting you android device.
Here are genuine reasons why you should avoid rooting your android phone and also useful tips that will help you improve your smartphone security. Ok that's all about rooting your phone, now back to the main topic for the day.

Customization is one of the most powerful feature of the android smartphone, and with the help of several android launchers, as well as custom Roms you can enhance the interface of your android phone and make it looks entirely different.
Design your android smartphone to suit your style, improve the look of your Android device in countless way, from beautiful wallpapers that comes with awesome graphics and animations, installing custom widgets.

However, manufacturers such as Samsong, HTC, Motorola and others have their own launchers that come with it device, but most of them don't come with a lot of interesting and eye catching features, compared to a third party launcher. Don't forget to read more about all the awesome stuff you can do with your custom android launcher.

Best User Voted Android Launcher

go launcher ex

With a wide range of launchers availaible on google playstore, that will help you spice up your phone with there cool features, here is a android launcher " Go Launcher EX " i will be recommending for you.
Why should you go for Go Launcher EX instead of other android launcher. Here are the reasons :-

#1. Of recent a poll " What's The Best Android Launcher " was conducted on Lifehacker website and GO Launcher Ex emerge with highest vote taking over more than 37% of the overall vote.
#2. Go Launcher EX has more than 10,000 themes, 25 fancy transition effects, 15 widgets for your weather, clock, switch, calendar all for you to enjoy!
#3. It has a powerful 3D core that will make you experience the super speedy and smooth operation
#4. With Go Launcher EX you can control your Android smartphone in countless ways with a great personal user experience.
#5. It also has some custom and key features such as smooth flipping operation, various GO widgets, efficient and strong app management function.
#6. Finally on Go Launcher EX you can launch applications using gestures, use the multi-touch to quick access to core functions, and above all, to make you feel comfortable, it has no sponsored adverts or messages

Thursday, 10 October 2013

How to Recover files removed from Recycle Bin or Deleted using the Shift + Delete keys


Did you mistakenly deleted an important file using the Shift + delete button, or are you looking for a way to recover some of your files that has been remove from the recycle bin.
Then relax and read as today's tutorial will help you solve that problem

Actually i decided to come up with this post, after receiving a message from a friend of mine on Whatsapp. His message goes like this " Sam please help me, when using my Mum's laptop today i mistakenly deleted one of her important file, is there any way i could recover it back."
I reply him back, by telling him to go to the recycle bin and restore it. but he reply back, and told me he deleted it permanently (with the shift + delete key) after providing him with a solution that worked for him, i feel i should write on because there many people out there who still don't know how to do this.
So like i said before, today's how-to tutorial will show you, how you can recover files that has been permanently deleted, or remove the recycle bin.

However in this post, i will be using a Utility tool called " Restoration " although there are several tools on the net that can help you do that, but this one am recommending for you is tested and used by me let's ride on...........
Restoration is an easy to use free utility tool that require no installation, this file recovery application helps you recover your lost files, that has been removed from the Recycle bin, or was delete permanently.

How to use Restoration to recover files that has been deleted permanently or remove from the recycle bin
Follow this 7 simple step to do this
STEP 1: Download Restoration (normally its in zip file) After downloading it simply create a folder on your desktop and give it a name of your choice, but on account of this post we should call the folder Restoration File-Recovery
STEP 2: Now open the file you just downloaded with your WinRar app, if you have WinRar install on your computer, then go ahead and open the file directly but if you don't Download WinRar here.
STEP 3: After opening your downloaded zip file, extract it into the Restoration File-Recovery folder you created in step 1. Minimize, then go and open your newly created Folder (Restoration File-Recovery) you will see the file you just extracted.
STEP 4: Amongs the files in the Restoration File-Recovery folder you will see a file called Restoration.exe right click on it and choose run as administrator.
STEP 5: Once the application has been started, we can now hunt down any file we want to recover, locate the drive you need to search, depending on the drive where your deleted file is located before but i most cases it the Drive C
STEP 6: Make sure to untick the “include used clusters by other files” and also “Include even if the file size is zero” likewise you can enter the name of the file you want to search for "All or part of the name" then click “Search Deleted Files”
STEP 7: The program will search through your Pc and restore all the files that were deleted immediately you discovered the file you want to recover, click on it and click "Restore by Copying" a pop will inquire as to whether you want to proceed click yes and select the folder you want the file to be restored.
Do you find this article helpful? Please let us know via the comment box

Monday, 7 October 2013

How to Auto-reconnect your Internet Connection When it Disconnect


Are you tired of redialing your internet connection anytime it's disconnect, or does the network and dial up connection you are using is so bad that it's disconnect maybe every five minute, such unstable connection, is always a problem for users when the surfing the web, especially when you are downloading a file of more than one gig.
No need to worry, the tutorial i will be sharing with you today will help you ease all the stress of dialing and redialing.

However in today's post i will be using a utility tool called "Reconnect"
This is a free Pc management tool that works with all versions of window, and comes with excting features, this tool will help you to automatically reconnect your internet connection anytime it's disconnect, also this freeware utility allows you to choose your desire connection you want to control. it provides you with three(3) dedicated buttons the Connect, disconnect, and Settings i.e "as you can see it in the picture above"
it also comes with an in-built timer that allows you to disconnect any user-defined time, and shut-down your window automatically.

Additional, this tool enables you to auto-reconnect and let you define the interval of retry connections, together with the number of retry attempt.
One amazing fact i like about this wonderful tool is that it works on every version of window, be it Xp, Vista, even window 7, and it works with any kind of Network and dial-up connection.

Do you want to give Reconnect a try download it here.
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Sunday, 29 September 2013

How to Speed Up the Boot-time of your Windows

start-up faster

Well if your Pc takes much time to boot, like 1-3 minutes maybe because of some of the programs it's load during the start-up time, then here is a quick and simple how-to tutorial that will show you make your Pc boot faster.
with this fews tips, you can make your Pc start faster. You don't need to add any hard ware or install anything to make your window boot quickly.

My first tip i will sharing with you is
* Reduce The Icons in your Windows System Tray: The more icons in your Window system tray, the slower your Pc start-up, what am try to say is you should reduce icons in your window system tray, anytime your computer is booting, it loads some programs and sofwares that may make it slower. So if you can do this(reduce the icons in your Window system tray), your Pc start-up time will reduce.

Secondly, here is a free Software called " Soluto " this is a Pc utility tool that can also helps to reduce the boot-time of your Pc, in a simple way.
It helps you groups your start-up programs into three categories
* Remove these programs from start-up with giving a second thought.
* List of start-up programs that may also be removed provided you know what these programs do.
* Some certain programs and services are required to run Windows properly and therefore should not be removed.

you can get this sofware Download Soluto Here also you can read more about Soluto here
One thing i like about this tool is that anytime you hover your mouse over any program name, it will show you the number of seconds that the app adds to the start-up time.

Saturday, 28 September 2013

5 Useful tips to Improve your Smartphone Security

smartphone security tips

Most of you would have read alot of articles online on how to protect your pc.
But when it comes to securing and protecting of Smartphones, most of it's users don't really care about this, and pay less attention to it.
possibly because it not a like the storage device that stores your personal info, documents, etc but most people using the smartphones today stores a sensitive information and personal data that will surely attracts hackers who have different types of tool at their disposal, and will be ready to take advantage of you anytime when you are surfing the web.

However in today's post i will be sharing with you useful and helpful tips for protecting your smartphones.

5 Smart ways to Improve your Smartphone Security

smartphone security tips

1. Use Passcode/Password Or Pattern Lock on your device: This is a essential preventive measure you should take, add passcode or the Lock screen pattern provided for Android users, to the home screen of you device, so as to prevent people from viewing and accessing your personal infomations.

2. Don't Root or Jail break your Smartphone: i know it's tempting to root or jailbreak your smartphones, because it will let you to view and access features that are hidden and also free you from restrictions but if you really care about the security of your device, then you should avoid doning this. This can evade a hefty side of the protections incorporated with the Smartphone's Operating system (OS), as you won't be able to upadte your OS, and it will be in a mode that is unsupported. Leaving the device open to virus, malware, and other things, that maybe harmful to your phone.

3. Be Extra Careful with the App you Install: With a wide range of FREE smartphone apps available, you should be extra ordinary careful with the app you install, recently almost 50,000 app containing malware were discovered and removed by google from the Android app marketplace. don't just go for any app that you fancy because most of this app contains malware, viruses, and you don't know what this app are goning to do once you install them, as of them gather and steal, your personal informations without your knowlege

4. Update OS/ Apps You Install: Just as you update your antivirus, your smartphone's operating system manufacturer will make OS updates available for your device, always try and update that too also anytime there's an update on any of the app you have install on your device, you should update that too

5. Update your Antivirus/ Turnoff Bluetooth: finally always update your antivirus regularly to keep your smartphone secure and protected from malware and virus, you should also turnoff your bluetooth discovery mode when it's not in use to avoid been discovered by other device.

Do you have tips of your own that you use to secure your smartphones please let us know via the comment box.